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Erzherzog Johann ┬ęCapital Bank

"In the unity of many lies the strength that creates good. To contribute to it is the duty of everyone." Archduke Johann, 1846.

Capital Bank is the private and investment bank of the Grazer Wechselseitigen (GRAWE) Group. Together with Bank Burgenland it constitutes the "GRAWE Bankengruppe". The Grazer Wechselseitige Group was founded in 1828 as a Fire Indemnity Insurance by Archduke Johann. According to the tradition, Dr. Philip Meran, a direct descendent of the founder, is the president of the supervisory board of the GRAWE (Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung). Behind the group, there is an association that ensures mutuality and independence.

Capital bank targets wealthy individuals, families, foundations as well as corporate and institutional clients providing answers to all questions regarding the investment of wealth.

Through "die plattform" we offer low cost securities accounts as well as account management for clients of independent financial service providers.


With the Grazer Wechselseitigen we have a solid, stable and above all reliable owner. Due to the continued independence of the GRAWE Group for the past over 185 years, we are free to act as required by our clients and the market.


Our declaration of independence begins with every customer relationship. It provides our common understanding of cooperation. In Private Banking, we are contractually committed to our guarantee of independence.


We aim to set an agenda and lead the way in terms of quality for the benefit of our clients. An increasing number of clients are entrusting us with a growing amount of wealth and turn to us for advice regarding all areas of institutional financial investing as well as all issues concerning corporate finance and capital market transactions. This is the best proof of customer satisfaction as well as our greatest success.


We think and act in an entrepreneurial manner. Results are what matter and work should be enjoyable. These premises are the basis for self-identification and the strong commitment of our highly qualified employees.

History of Capital Bank

1922Foundation of Lavantaler Gewerbe- und Handelsbank reg. Gen.mbH
1988The insurance company Grazer Wechselseitigen Versicherung becomes a shareholder
1989Foundation of the Security Kapitalanlagegesellschaft
1991Opening of the Graz branch, entry into the Austrian Banker’s Association
2001Renaming from RBB Bank AG to Capital Bank-Grawe Gruppe AG
2008Restructuring of GRAWE Group’s banking subsidiaries to become part of the credit institute group Hypo Bank Burgenland. By restructuring the banking group, the expansion of business and quality of synergies, as well as through diversification, earningsquality has been guaranteed for the long term. Furthermore, factors related to competitiveness and success, as well as capital adequacy have been strengthened significantly.