Expect more with Capital Bank

Everyone generally wants "More". More spare time, more variety, and more tolerance. Yet how do you deal with "more" when it is superlative as an end in itself? What if "More" results in greed or complexity? The financial crisis demanded a great deal more of everything. Wealth shrunk or disappeared and beside less financial capital, trust in the financial world as we once knew it suffered as well. Hence, the microcosm of personal advisory has also changed through it substantially.

Who can one still trust, if one single banker is responsible for the fraud total of 50 billion Euros? How can you do it better yourself? These considerations are reasonable given the facts. Therefore we say: It's time for a new movement. For more fairness, transparency, traceabillity and independence.

Fair & honest - The declaration of principles on private banking

Our guarantee of fairness constitutes the legal foundation to ensure a fair and honest advisory and wealth management. It relieves us from all conflicts of interest that may occur from hidden product commissions. The guarantee of fairness is part of our advisory and wealth management agreements. We commit ourselves to calculating and reporting any commission paid to the bank on contractual assets and crediting them to the respective client. 

To find out how to profit even more from Capital bank, please refer to the sections more safety and more income.