The proper investment is as individual as life itself. It aligns your personal financial opportunities and risks with your individual needs for safety and investment returns. However, your life should not suit your investments, the investments should suit your life.

Therefore we distinguish between three dimensions:

  • Safety Portfolio

    Minimum risks and maximum safety characterize this portfolio. It is intended for people with high personal risks and a maximum desire for safety, or as an additive to ensure a certain minimum standard.

  • Capital Market Portfolio

    You need an income to maintain your personal standard of life over the years. This can best be achieved through modern portfolio optimization. The "traditional" asset management focuses on this portfolio concept.

  • Aspirational Portfolio

    Your chances become even greater with a concentrated portfolio of small-cap companies, alternative investments and derivative strategies, all of which can generate higher returns. However, total loss of capital is not always excluded.

The asset management portfolios of Capital Bank includes all three dimensions. Ensuring safety while generating higher returns is not mutually exclusive. Of course, we also offer tailor madesolutions.