Alternative investments enable you to achieve positive returns even during times of falling stock markets. In the complex area of Alternative Investments we possess extensive and comprehensive experience. We want to reduce the complexity and offer our clients opportunities for positive returns. Beside the asset allocation the selection of fund managers is an important factor for success within this area.

We have access to the most talented fund managers in the world. Behind your selection is a mature and comprehensive Due Diligence Process. We know: Not the market determines the return – the competence of the manager is decisive for the success of your investment.

Numerous alternative investment opportunities have emerged over the last few years. Amongst them is Private Equity, which means acquiring stakes in companies that are not publicly listed on an exchange.


A Private Equity Fund does not look for the one golden barrel. It attempts to invest in an ideal number of success promising barrels – as a matter of diversification. Thereby the diversification has an important effect on the risk reduction of a Private Equity portfolio over the so-called vintage years. Long-term success requires discipline and consistency.

We offer these kinds of investments to our clients directly. Thereby we rely on a strong network of long-lasting partners from the field of Private Equity who were successful already in the past. Thus, we offer our clients special return opportunities while expanding our offering of individual and tailor-made solutions.


Private equity offers an important contribution to the portfolio’s diversification as well as risk distribution. Furthermore, it enables the participation in small and medium-sized companies with superior growth and value potential - ones that would not be accessible through stock exchanges. We exclusively want to offer first-class (top-quarter) funds. These are frequently oversubscribed – access to them is therefore difficult. Not for us- we have long-term relationships with successful fund managers.