Under Corporate Finance we understand the sourcing, analyzing and structuring of transactions, which are financed by the correct mix of Equity, mezzanine and debt capital.


Are you looking for a buyer for your company or for parts of it? Are you considering bringing an investor on board in order to continue growing? Are you looking for attractive targets as part of a strategy or just as a financial investor? We evaluate, provide advice and create contacts in a fast, professional and comprehensive way. Buy-Ins, Buy-Outs, Spin-Offs, succession planning, IPO preparation, target search; as a highly qualified and competent partner, we offer this and much more. We cooperate with the best players in all relevant areas when it comes to increasing value.


Private Equity Club ©Capital Bank

Would you like to have access to a broad network of investors and entrepreneurs, which are flexible and make decisions in a prompt and entrepreneurial manner? Then the Private Equity Club of Capital Bank is the right place for you. We connect you right away to the right people within our extensive network, in order to close business promptly while simultaneously assisting you with advice, analysis as well as structuring services if needed.


Your transaction has a solid financial basis but should be leveraged with a realistic amount of debt or mezzanine capital? Helping you on these matters is also part of our business. Our financing strategies complement the Corporate Finance segment in an optimal way. We are highly flexible and make professional decisions reliably and promptly to find the optimal financing structure to get your deal off the ground.