Incorporated company with registered office in 8010 Graz, Burgring 16, registered at the regional court for civil right issues Graz as commercial court under the commercial register number 112471 z
registered in the data protection register under entry DVR 0043974
UID-Nr.:ATU 26019901
BLZ: 19600
Swift Code/BIC: RSBUAT2K
GIIN: 1I9RY6.00001.ME.040
LEI Code 529900EWNMBL4OHZ5078
GISA: 27506400

(hereinafter referred to as „the bank“)


Address: Burgring 16, 8010 Graz
Tel: + 43-316 / 80 72-0
Fax: + 43-316 / 80 72-2390

Business hours

You can reach us:

Mo – Th 8.00 – 17.00
Fr 8.00 – 15.30
as well as by individual arrangement

Declaration pursuant to § 65a Banking Act (BWG)/Disclosure


  • According to § 65a Banking Act credit institutions need to publish on their website in which way they respect the dispositions of §§ 5 clause 1 line 6 to 9a, 28a clause 5 line 1 to 5, 29, 39b, 39c, 64 clause 1 line 18 and 19 as well as the attachment to § 39b Banking Act.
  • To respect the dispositions according to §§ 5 clause 1 line 6 to 9a, 28a clause 5 line 1 to 5 and 29 Banking Act with the decision of the Supervisory Board of the Capital Bank – GRAWE Gruppe AG a Fit & Proper Policy was agreed which establishes amongst others the relevant criteria as well as the process for the fitness report for members of the supervisory board and the managing board as well as for employees in key positions.
  • Furthermore, for all managing boards, supervisory boards and employees in key positions relevant external and internal trainings and education measures are offered and have to be successfully completed.
  • Compliance with the provisions pursuant to § § 39b – including attachment – and 39c Banking Act is ensured by the Capital Bank supervisory board. This board monitors the relevant compensation guidelines of the credit institution group; used when it comes to determining and applying compensation policy and practices.
  • An independent compensation and nomination committee does not need to be established within the Capital Bank GRAWE Gruppe AG. (§§ 29, 39c BWG).
  • All the financial information listed in § 64 clause 1 line 18 and 19 Banking Act can be found in the business report of the Capital Bank GRAWE Gruppe AG which is available as a download on the website.

Objects of the company of the media owner

The CapitalBank – GRAWE Gruppe AG is entitled to the following banking businesses according to § 1 clause 1, Banking Act, Official Gazette No. 532/1993 as currently amended:

according to Z 1:Deposit business
according to Z 2:Clearing business
according to Z 3:Credit Business
according to Z 4:Bill broking
according to Z 5:Depositing business
according to Z 7:commerce for own account or other's account
 a) Foreign exchange transactions & coin operations
 b) Money market instruments
 c) Options and financial futures contract (forward transaction- and option trading)
 d) Exchange rate and interested rate instruments
 e) Securities & security business
 f) from subsection b – e derived instruments
according to Z 8:Guarantee business
according to Z 10:Other security-issuing business
according to Z 11:Loro-Issuing-Business
according to Z 15:Capital financing business
according to Z 16:Factoring business
according to Z 17:Establishment of the money broker business in the interbank market
according to Z 18:Brokerage


Member of the Association of the Austrian Banks and bankers

Regulatory authority

Financial markets authority (FMA)
1090 Wien, Otto-Wagner-Platz 5

The most important legal bases

Federal act on banking (Banking Act – BWG), Federal Law Gazette no. 532/1993 as amended.

Federal act from 22 October 1969 on the safekeeping and acquisition of securities (Securities Deposit Act) Federal Law Gazette no. 424/1969 as amended.

Federal act on the distance marketing of consumer financial services (Distance Financial Services Act – FernFinG) Federal Law Gazette I 2004/62

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The Capital Bank- GRAWE Gruppe AG reserves itself the right to carry out changes or amendments of the offered information without prior notice.

Disclosure acc. to § 25 media law

Media owner is the bank.

Basic direction with regard to content:

  • Presentation of the Capital Bank - GRAWE Gruppe AG
  • Information on the products and services offered by the Capital Bank – GRAWE Gruppe AG

You can find the shareholders of the bank here:

Disclosure acc. to § 25 media law


The following information concerns promotional material.

The information does not constitute a recommendation, offer or invitation to make an offer to buy or sell financial instruments. Depending on the specific design of the product, securities present different levels of investment risk.

The information serves as additional information for our investors and is based on the state of knowledge of the persons entrusted with its creation. Our illustrations, analyses and conclusions are general in nature and do not take the individual needs of our investors into account with regards to earnings, fiscal situation or risk tolerance.

They do not constitute an investment recommendation. The performance and sample calculations depicted do not allow for reliable conclusions to be made concerning future development.

Complete information (base prospectus, conditions) on the products is available at the office of the corresponding issuer during normal business hours.

Depending on the specific design of the product, investment funds present a different level of investment risk. Performance is calculated based on data from the custodian bank in accordance with the OeKB [Oesterreichische Kontrollbank] method. The past performance of a security does not allow for any conclusions to be drawn as to its future development. Commissions, fees and other charges (e.g. one-off transaction charges or trading expenses) can reduce the gross performance as quoted. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to future changes.

The (German-speaking) prospectuses of the named funds which are issued by Security Kapitalanlage AG – in their current version and including all amendments made since initial publication as well as key investor information (Key Investor Information Document – “KIID”) – are available, free of charge, to interested parties at Security Kapitalanlage AG, Burgring 16, 8010 Graz and the bank. Prospectuses can also be retrieved at

Any distinctions which have been received (prizes, awards, etc.) do not allow for any conclusions to be drawn with regards to distinctions being received in the future or with regards to existing provisions being met for their receipt in the future. This information/promotional communication does not contain any financial analyses, nor was it created in compliance with legislation promoting the independence of financial analyses. Thus, it is not subject to the ban on trade in connection with the dissemination of financial analyses. The information presented here was researched with the utmost care. However, the issuer cannot accept any liability for its accuracy, completeness, relevance or exactness. Errors and printing errors reserved.