Our Services

Basic Services: Business Intelligence Services

Are you exploring new markets or starting a new business relationship? Do you want to know more about the best practices in your sector? Are you constantly searching for information on local and global capital markets or media reports that could be relevant to make a decision?

Important management decisions do not necessarily require expensive advisory services. Through our Business Intelligence Services, executives and senior managers can catch up on specific topics, which are relevant for strategic decision making, in a fast and efficient way.

Advanced Services: Corporate Guidance Services

Similar to large companies, SMEs increasingly have to deal with questions regarding creditworthiness, evaluation of new investments, disposals or matters concerning the continuation of operations. Unlike larger companies, SMEs do not always have qualified staff to deal with these issues.

With our Corporate Guidance Services, SMEs can now outsource complex capital related issues such as comprehensive reviews and evaluations, the creation of documents suitable for the capital market or financial planning to our experts.

Premium Services: Mandated Services

We offer our clients with more intensive consulting needs, comprehensive and tailor-made advisory in all matters concerning Corporate Finance. We advise investors and business owners on M&A transactions and succession matters. We develope Debt-to-Equity-Swap-strategies and work with Private-Equity investors, as well as owners and managing directors of small and medium-sized companies to obtain financing solutions for growth projects, Buy Outs or restructurings.

Leveraged Finance

Our Leveraged Finance business offers extraordinary competence in the fields of institutional financing and investing. The services are predominantly directed to professional market participants and range from individual rating procedures to advisory services for hedge funds. The focus is put on consequently managed, risk adjusted returns in credit and debt markets independent from current economic cycles as well as external credit ratings.