An extensive conversation is crucial at the beginning of every successful relationship. After all, we can only meet your expectations if your share them with us. We use our experience and expertise to make your goals measurable. Risk and return are the guidelines for our portfolio managers.

Your securities portfolio will be diversified and put on a solid basis through a wide range of asset classes as well as different markets. Financial models, economic forecasts, and detailed analysis allow us to always make well-founded decisions and act in a responsible manner. We do this on the basis of tax-honesty and tax-savings. With our financial planning services, we optionally offer an extended wealth planning concept that ranges from pension to liquidity management.

Risk Management

Nothing happens without risk, but without risk also nothing happens. The ideal investment recipe must be spiced perfectly and requires additional ingredients to meet your individual needs. All enriched with a pinch of our expertise.

On behalf of the "Bankwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft" and Univ. Prof. Dr.Kirchler, of the University of Vienna, we developed a questionnaire with the purpose of measuring your willingness to take risk. This test prevents us from errors in reasoning, which usually happen when answering conventional questionnaires. It is based on the following is four factors:

(1) Behavior when making risky financial decisions
(2) Attitude towards financial risk & financial security
(3) Financial & emotional resistance to financial decisions
(4) Financial knowledge

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Asset Management

Our Asset Management structures your diversified portfolio from a wide range of asset classes and markets. of investment wealth and markets.

Primary objective: to achieve a positive return throughout all the different market phases. We therefor actively allocate between stocks and interest-bearing fixed income securities.

The securities selection is based on financial models, economic forecasts, and detailed analysis. This allows us to make well-founded decisions and act in a responsible manner. We act fast to directly benefit from attractive opportunities or do it through our opportunities funds.

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Financial Planning

Individual needs require vision as well as advisory to transcend barriers. In the end, life is multifaceted. Just like the Financial Planning services we offer. Through a comprehensive and coherent concept, you receive exactly what you need. We put the pieces of the puzzle together in an optimal way. Thisconsists of:

(1) Wealth optimization,
(2) Liquidity planning,
(3) Risk management,
(4) Retirement and
(5) Succession planning

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